Tru Realty

Because realty is not about selling.
It’s about empowering a buyer to buy.

Through sweet and bitter experiences of our own, we’ve taken diverse first-hand experiences in real estate.

Tired at one point, we asked ourselves, why? Why there is no power in the hands of customers? Why there is no transparency? Why isn’t the development process see through? Why technology has not transformed this industry the way it has changed the face of other industries?

And then we asked ourselves, why not? That is where the idea of TRU was born.

We intend to change this. With the backbone of insightful technology we’re de-risking real estate. For every single stakeholder.

Technology at TRU is led by the finest experience

This green field project has the confluence of expert minds across all aspects of real estate development and technology, who have united for a mission of transforming real estate.

Our technology team, which has a rich experience across the globe, has realized that developing this kind of a technology has two aspects – one is ‘insights’ and the other is ‘empathy’. And TRU has the best of both.

But it doesn’t stop at this, we’re building a robust team aligned to our platform; to look at every detail with equal care and zest.