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Plotted schemes:The best thing to invest in Pune

23 Nov 2020

You are jostling amidst rush of work and a crunched-up living space. As the weekend approaches, you look forward to driving to some serene location with your family to have a relaxation period and you wish if you could live there along with having a great work-life balance. Sounds similar? Well, this has been the ardent aspiration for scores of home buyers since decades. All ideal spaces are occupied now and it seems like there is no major city left that gives you the perfect blend of culture, nature & world-class amenities.

Cut to Pune. You have your own independent home in a premium gated vill a community surrounded by lush natural surroundings. Morning jogs with in the premises by the lined trees on the hillside rejuvenate you for your day.You drive to your work in a matter of minutes and get back home just in time to have your evening tea and some good family time in your own pretty backside garden. Night outings to vibrant restaurants and walks along side the community roads undisturbed by traffic or crowds mark the perfect conclusion to your day. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, that is the kind of life you can manifest when you invest in awell-planned and ideally-located plotted scheme. Having a villa in your own plot is a good plan because of a multitude of reasons like privacy,independence, safety and a customised house design. Usually developers sell you a plot in their scheme and you have to get your villa built within a specific time-frame as per their terms & conditions whereas some developers give you the option to build your own home on your plot.

Kekarav, TRU Realty’s upcoming hillside gated villa community in Bavdhan,Pune boasts of a heavenly touch of nature amidst the modern gem of a culturally-driven city. We offer home-buyers the option to build their own house as per their preferences in line with the project's environment-driven sustainable practices. Alternatively, you can choose from our catalogue of award-winning designs and then get it built with minor & major customisation with a personalised touch of marvelous architecture. With the aim of nature conservation, Kekarav has amenities like roads built from recycled materials, internal renewable energy source, rainwater harvesting and much more along with dedicated pockets for enticing trees where in enchanting birds take abode. Every villa plot has been meticulously placed within the property in such a way that your villa has a private uninterrupted view with trees providing the perfect green boundary between the villas

Good connectivity to work hubs, world-class facilities from every sector, rich cultural backdrop along with an appealing lifestyle makes Pune the best place to live in and nothing beats plotted schemes when it comes to building your primary home. Imagine your villa with its pleasant aura, top-class amenities, spacious impressive architecture, enthralling hillside surroundings& serene privacy in TRU Realty’s Kekarav. Now, that seems like the best investment decision you will ever make!


03 Nov 2020

Every home buyer has a customized vision of the ultimate dream house but it is incredibly tough to get the exact kind of house you want, especially in the most liveable city in the country - Pune.

One such home buyer, Mr. Khare had almost given up on his dream house. When you have on your list a comfortable room for your parents, a custom-styled room for you and your spouse, a spacious play area for your kids and their favourite superhero-themed rooms, a serene balcony & terrace for your dream plant landscaping experiments and a decent parking space, you are bound to lose hope of finding a place which is built exactly the way you have imagined. A flat was of course out of question. How about a villa or a bungalow of their own? ‘Kahan milega aisa ghar?!’, he thought.

To add to his troubles furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic made every site look like an unsafe place for his family. It is true that it has drastically changed our view about how we work, how we commute, where we eat, how we socialize but most importantly how and where we live.

The developer usually builds the space and then hands over the possession of the house. But when you buy your own villa plot, you can build everything from scratch in a totally personalised way. You can procure different entities yourself to build your house. Sometimes this option ends up being an unpleasant and expensive option because a layman has to blindly rely on whatever the freelance contractors suggest. Still, Mr. Khare thought that buying a villa plot and then building his house was the ultimate answer. He attempted buying a piece of land in order to build his home but the unorganised and untrustworthy entities involved in the whole process made it look like a poor choice.

Alternatively, what if you are presented with a selection of award-winning designs by leading architects and asked to choose any design you want while also giving you the option to customise each and every detail of your house the way you want? Sounds too good to be true, right? For the Khares, this seems like the perfect place - bungalow plots where you can get your home made as per your preferences. 'Wait, how is that possible?!', Mr. Khare thought. But when you visit TRU Reality’s villa township project ‘Kekarav', you see all this turning into a reality. At Kekarav, you get to choose the minutest details as per your own taste and preferences wherein we provide you with all the best mixture of ingredients to give birth to a very personalised construction magic!

For Mr. Khare it was a life-changing home creation experience. He often reflects on how his decision to create his own home his way turned out to be the best decision he has made while he sips his evening tea, watering his plants on the terrace and overlooking the kids who are playing in their garden to their heart’s content.

TRU Reality’s villa township project ‘Kekarav', like our other upcoming projects, is built based on inputs from you. For us, everyone’s opinion matters which is why we have our own portal where customers, stakeholders, channel partners and anyone who visits our website can cast their views and votes regarding all kinds of minor details - designs, amenities, specifications, etc. It is an experiment in world-class feedback analysis in real estate, leading to creating the perfect market-product fit for every customer of TRU Realty. Get in touch with us to know how you can truly design & build your own warmly personalised independent villa!


21 Aug 2020

The word channel partner is prevalent mainly in real estate. Simply put, channel partners are valuable individuals and/or entities who strategically help the developer sell properties in exchange for a mutual financial agreement. They are crucial for every real estate company and hence they work in harmony with the developers, are consulted during every stage like one team and are paid handsomely on time every time they deliver.

Sounds pretty simple and appealing, right? But if you are a channel partner, you know that the above description is far from the truth. Let us explore how your world looks like if you are a channel partner working with multiple developers.

You feel humiliated because the sales team of the construction company keeps you in the dark about the real-time status of their present inventory and hence you end up losing some valuable sales possibilities. You are never brought into the picture in any stage of project development except for the sales & delivery part. Almost half your clientele is avoiding your calls and keeps giving you a later date for your payment clearance. Follow-ups regarding payment turn into desperate pleasing attempts focused on certain individuals, running a course of not days but weeks and months! Your personal and professional lives both are in turmoil because of the ever-increasing anxiety and uncertainty. So now you can certainly say goodbye to that family time you had planned for because you don’t know when your account will be credited with the rightful payment that you have been waiting forever now.

Channel partners are still seen as outsiders and this creates challenges for them on various levels. While nobody addresses these challenges in a systematic manner largely due to ignorance and negligence, we at TRU Realty have narrowed down these challenges to mainly three factors as follows.

  • Communication
  • Transparency
  • Payment Issues

Keeping in mind these challenges, we at TRU Realty came up with a solution truly suited for channel partners called TRU Pay. One platform that lets you see real-time updates about payment status along with support from our team at every stage. As soon as you have closed a deal and agreement formalities are completed, your TRU Pay wallet is credited with your commission. You have the freedom to withdraw these funds into your bank account at any time and with any denomination you like. TRU Pay is essentially a sort of escrow account. Whenever you need your payment withdrawn, you can securely log in and withdraw the funds directly without hassle. The payment system integration is at par with international security standards making the whole process of working with TRU Realty technology-driven, quick and automatic. TRU Pay is one of the various unique and innovative features of TRU portal. While working with us, you have your own login ID on the Portal. You can simply log in, check your customer status, interact with TRU representatives, block units as well as your funds, i.e., earned commission in the TRU wallet and do much more. You don’t have to follow up with anyone ever again for payment updates! How about finally being free for that long-pending family holiday time you have been postponing?! Get in touch with us to know more about TRU Pay.

Design Thinking : Innovation through Empathy

9 April 2020

“Human-centered design is a philosophy, not a precise set of methods, but one that assumes that innovation should start by getting close to users and observing their activities.”

– Donald A. Norman, Co – founder of Nielsen Norman Group, Design Thinking pioneer, veteran American researcher. In a world where assumption takes precedence over honest survey, the latter is becoming more crucial in order to deliver something truly remarkable. One such stage where a humanistic and delicate perusal of the customer's mind comes into the picture is a frequently-heard concept in various sectors called Design Thinking. Design thinking involves doing a thorough customer-centric research while developing products which ticks off various stages - defining a problem, market research, ideation, brainstorming, testing, etc. It is considered a foolproof method of bringing innovation to a sector by introducing a product or process that precisely adheres to the needs of the customers. But often it misses setting up a new mark in innovation because it lacks or rather blatantly skips a key parameter - empathising. Imagine being served by a company that cares about what you need, what you feel about a certain problem being addressed, what your preferences, reservations and opinions are about a certain idea or requirement. Design thinking spearheaded by such empathy helps in gathering helpful insights into what people want to experience. The primary step involved in adopting an empathetic point of view is to reflect on the existing roadblocks in a certain process, product or service and try to feel what unpleasant experiences people must have been through at every turn and how they would have wanted to be treated instead. Taking this as a baseline helps the design team to develop a product that touches upon the lives of the company's customers on a personal level, making them feel as if they are being listened to even without having to voice their concerns and wants.

Design thinking plays a huge role, especially in the field of real estate. Buying a home is really a special buying experience for any person. Empathising with a potential customer’s frame of mind regarding this whole new experience is of paramount importance. That's how we at TRU Realty deeply revere our customers by being a minute observer of their innermost thoughts regarding buying a home and the way they would like the whole process of home lifecycle to be. Understanding our customers’ point of view further guides our design & development team to conceptualise a product that stands out in all ways while being financially feasible and providing the least possible window for any kind of grievances. Such an empathetic stance helps strengthen the intricate process of design thinking by making it an exhibition of a multi-layered reality check. In our case, empathy-oriented design thinking has always helped us get into our customers' shoes and see their world from our eyes and experience first-hand the kind of delight customers feel when they witness a hassle-free and information-rich process of buying a property. This in turn equips our whole team of product designers, process aggregators and ground-level executives to develop and promote innovative properties that truly resonate with and aptly reflect the needs and preferences of the end customer. This kind of a novel way of dealing with multiple stakeholders in the segment of IT-enabled real estate development has led to bringing together of the best of real estate brokers, vendors and consultants to serve our dear customers in the best possible manner. TRU Realty has successfully harnessed design thinking to bring about innovation through empathy and is continuing to imprint our customers' minds with unforgettable buying experiences. Next time you stumble upon an impressive product or service which left you spellbound with a personalised pleasant experience, you know what has gone into it to bring you the best possible outcome. Can you think of some of your past buying experiences which made you feel this way? We would love to hear from you about it.

Sustainable Development : Marriage of conscience & industry

3 April 2020

Along with sustainable development becoming the number one priority these days, it is an undeniable fact that the housing or the real estate sector has probably the largest impact on the environment and society as a whole. Let's look at some hard-hitting facts about modern-day infrastructure development : (Source -

  • The built environment of urban constructions is responsible for half of all global energy use and half of all greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Buildings consume one-sixth of all freshwater, one-quarter of world wood harvests and four-tenths of all other raw materials
  • Building occupants in high-performing, green-certified office environments “scored 26% higher on tests of cognitive function, had 30% fewer sickness syndromes, and had 6% higher sleep quality scores than those in high-performing but non-certified buildings.

If you search the term 'sustainable development’ on Google, you will find the definition to be something on these lines - 'economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources.' But this explanation narrowly misses summing up various points. Sustainable development has seeped into the business philosophies of various companies worldwide but is rarely seen implemented on ground level. Many global organizations are calling out to businesses to adopt a systematic approach to inhibit sustainable development into their expansion strategy keeping in mind the long-term welfare of the environment and the society. But is sustainable development really the need of the hour as professed by conservationists? Worrisome hampering of the environment and resources around us is a bane passed onto the 21st century. In order to make up for the blatant ignorance of our earlier generation, the present generation has to develop ways to suffice for today’s needs in such a manner that the future generation doesn’t have to compromise on their ability to meet their respective needs. In the light of such global concern, the UN too prescribes Sustainable Development Goals for businesses and governments alike.

Witnessing measurable sustainable development in the field of construction is very rare. But reading about inspirational articles about some novel infrastructure projects in India and abroad really feed us at TRU Realty with creative fodder to sum up new methods of inculcating sustainability in our projects. Bangkok's Thammasat University, one of the oldest in Thailand has built Asia's largest urban rooftop farm, a new milestone in the way universities approach creating the perfectly-inspiring learning space. The 75,000 sq ft space imitates rice terrace farms from northern Thailand and they can help prevent some impacts of climate change, such as frequent flooding. Taking an example close to home, ‘Building in Mud’ is a Pune-based firm that has revolutionized the field of architecture in India by adopting innovative techniques of building homes from natural resources that nurture the environment furthermore. Aligning ourselves with the moral and social duty to incorporate environmentally-conscious work principles, we at TRU Realty have made sustainable construction measures our number one priority for all our projects, be it residential or commercial; you will find glimpses of sincere applications of some legendary sustainable development features like using solar energy to light up the beautiful lines of street lamps placed alongside the project roads or be it the urban afforestation found in all of TRU Realty’s projects based on the Miyawaki foresation principle that has redefined the way cities view mini-forests. One of the UN’s Sustainable Development framework guidelines states - ‘Actively engage to eliminate the duality of “sustainable” and “mainstream” institutions, at national and international levels’. All said and done, the need of the hour indeed is sustainable development but moreover, it is necessary to eradicate this immoral duality that excludes mainstream businesses from the requirement to adhere to the unified goal of making sustainable development the one overarching reality under which all institutions big or small, function in harmony with nature

Information Technology - Soul of the modern world

19 March 2020

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.”
- Bill Gates

Who else could best sum up the intricate reality of information technology in the modern world better than one of the genius pioneers who best harnessed IT to create a revolution in the business world? Microsoft began with the mission of penetrating every household by bringing computers into personal lives and eventually entered the business space thereby becoming the soul of the office communication system. Similarly, many companies originating in the last century and the ones emerging in this one have drastically changed the way the world runs

Information technology, which emerged as a dubious newcomer in the 20th century has become the undeniable second nature of every company’s internal functioning. The journey from switching to heavy & bulky computers to turning a handheld device into a supermachine capable of doing wonders through a few clicks;it is unbelievable how rapidly information technology has seeped into the very fabric of daily lives. Can you imagine booking movie tickets without BookMyShow or maybe ride throughout the city in a SaaS-based cab service better than Ola or Uber? Could you imagine satiating your midnight cravings a decade ago in the absence of food delivery apps like Zomato? In times of uncertain economic scenarios, certain segments are breaking the public criticism screen and are attaining the level of the unsaid digital Gods. Be it any business, they need to adapt to the constantly changing scenario of IT-enabled services in order to make their relationship with their customers smoother. TRU Realty has banked on the massive possibilities that information technology has to offer and in the process has forever changed the way people view the real estate industry

We have harnessed IT in the best possible manner to ease the process of buying a property, navigating through our projects and communicating regular updates about project timelines. We value the time and efforts our customers put into buying a home or office from one of our projects. We feel duty-bound to make them feel heard and empathized with. This kind of a simple communication structure aided by information technology has led to building the immense trust & faith our buyers put in us. Not only do we cater to our customers with a technological approach but we have taken it a step further by migrating the very processes of team building, vendor selection and subcontracting online on our portal wherein we encourage a truly democratic environment resulting in the best outcomes, thereby positively affecting the end customer; all of this with a 100% heartfelt transparency. This kind of an ‘all in’ IT-derived sincere approach makes the whole team of TRU Realty downright humble & democratic to the core.

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 threat worldwide, businesses have shifted to a work-from-home model for the time being. In such instances, IT is the sole communication bridge to bring out a seamless functioning of a company. Moreover, real-time analysis of the situation of the active coronavirus cases globally is made possible by the widespread applications of information technology across domains. Let's hope the beauty of information technology contributes immensely in battling the epidemic in unforeseen ways.