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TRU Blue Pricing

A transparent system where you can see the price the last 5 buyers have paid. Could it be any more transparent than that?!

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Get informed about every quality check that happens in your project. After all, peace of mind is priceless.

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Ever wondered, electronics give you manuals, but why homes don’t? Not anymore! Here’s detailed information about your home, to be well-kept lifelong.

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Are your neighbours being hidden from you? Gone are those days! Here’s a platform where you can connect with your neighbours even before you move-in!

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Simply log on to your TRU account. Raise a request for your concerns. Have it answered within 48 hours! Yes, it’s real estate… the TRU way.

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We are not disappearing even after handing over your home. Our robust post-sales service is here to stay with you.

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