TRU Multiply- Your opportunity to make it big

A unique program by TRU Realty, TRU Multiply is truly made to multiply your income, and that too with minimal efforts! All you have to do is identify potential home-buyers in your network of family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, etc. and bring us the leads. Once your lead buys a property with us, you make up to INR 75,000 for every registered booking.

Don’t believe us? Then register to become a Consulting Relationship Officer with us and see for yourself.

Make the most of your time

Partner with TRU Realty through TRU Multiply and put your extra time to the best use.

TRU Multiply- A program that lets you work on your own terms, that too within the comforts of your network. Make huge earnings with absolutely zero investment and minimal efforts!

So, got a home-hunter in your network? Well, that’s half work done! Register your lead, and get started now!

Who all can become a CRO
with TRU Multiply?

Anyone who can spare a few hours from their schedule, has home-hunters in their network and is willing to learn new skills can work as CROs with TRU Multiply. Be it working professionals, retirees, housewives or students, TRU Multiply is here for everyone ready to multiply their income.

TRU Multiply- Why go for it?

  • Commission up to 75,000 for every deal
  • No investment, no fixed working hours
  • 100% online lead tracking
  • Technologically enabled payment means no delays
  • Technology & service support throughout
  • Easy-to-use portal
  • Work and earn from anywhere
  • Utilise and expand your customer network
  • Continual training
  • Earn commission for every closure

How to earn with TRU Multiply?

  • Register with TRU Realty as a CRO for free
  • Generate leads of potential homebuyers on the portal
  • Track Lead Status

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)