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Until now, the consumer – you, were the last end of a property lifecycle. With TRU Realty, it has turned around. Welcome to a new reality. You are not the last end anymore. You are now, the first.

With the idea of co-creation at the core of our existence, we at TRU stand for Transparency, Reliability and are centered on ‘U’.

We don’t mean just ‘thinking about you’, we mean ‘taking your active participation’. And that changes everything as we know it.

To make co-creation a consistent reality, we have gone to great lengths to leverage technology and create an incredible platform; to enable our purpose, and to give the power in your hands.


matters every step
of the way

Understanding your need is our driving force, actually – our building force. And we’ve plugged it into our process. A process that is entirely technology-driven, making it lesser people-dependent and completely transparent. Now, when co-creation and technology come together, it’s a win-win for all. We build properties that matter, and support them with nuanced IT-enabled services to delight you. As a result, everything moves at an enviable speed, leading you to your dream property at the earliest.

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Find it nowhere else, but with TRU:

Real-Time Tracking and Updates

Closely track development activities like Quality Inspection Reports, Next Activity Tracking, and the work-in-progress

A Self Service Customer Portal

Get complete transparency on everything, right from site visit and booking to handover

Know Your Community

Know your neighbors, their likes and dislikes and start interactions right on the portal

Payment Related info at a Click

Access all information such as payment schedules, payment receipts, upcoming payment details at a single click

End-to-end Change

We’re finding solutions for every hiccup in the entire real estate development ecosystem to ensure real change for you

Service Edge

While we will revert to your service requests within 48 hours, even after the handover of your house, we continue to be with you

A Unique Aggregation Model

Gives you multiple choices when it comes to designers, architects and vendors, resulting in better pricing and better quality

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