About Us

TRU Realty is a new-age Technology-driven Real Estate development company. It is the confluence of expert minds across all aspects of real estate development and technology, who have united for a mission of transforming real estate. With over 5 decades of collective experience in real estate, TRU Realty looks at the sector in a holistic manner. It works across the spectrum, with Home Buyers, Channel Partners, Contracting Firms, Consultants, Vendors & Suppliers and Independent Professionals in the field to ensure that each one of them experiences transparency and efficiency in their interactions within the sector.

TRU Realty gives home buyers regular online updates of the status of the project, access to reliable auxiliary development and legal advice and support, which empowers them to take an informed decision about investing in a new home. To its ‘channel partners’ i.e. real estate brokers, TRU Realty provides technological and pricing support, avenues for capacity building, access to vendors and suppliers and transparent documentation tools. The rest of the stakeholders, grouped as ‘associates’, get access to gigs and project-basis work in the sector through an open and fair bidding and selection process.

TRU Realty also offers first of its kind innovative tech-enabled products such as, but not limited to, TRUPAY (to address monetary trust issues), TRUSource (faceless bidding platform for vendor selection), Collaboration tool (enabling timely decisions), and TRU MULTIPLY (to build customer networks). Thus, TRU Realty in addition to being a Real Estate Developer plays many roles such as advisor, service provider and online aggregator to support the various stakeholders in the real estate ecosystem. At the heart of TRU Realty’s offerings lie timeliness, quality (verified by third-party assessors), emphasis on a research-based approach, and 360° transparency – right from home manuals and legal rights of all stakeholders all the way to information on to-be neighbors.