Fresh air and sunlight – an important aspect of your home.

Don’t you love a refreshing cool breeze caressing your face on a hot summer day, or the
warmth of the sunlight peeking through the window panes on a cold winter morning? Nature
is therapeutic. It isn’t just the “feel good” factor. There are additional benefits of having
natural light and fresh air in your house that are significant all year round.

Your health and wellbeing depend on receiving the proper quantity of sunlight. Exposure to
natural sunlight stimulates the brain’s production of serotonin, a hormone that elevates
mood, reduces pain, and boosts energy. In fact, more exposure to natural light can act as a
natural antidepressant and lower your risk of developing seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.)
and the winter blues.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates that enabling fresh air to circulate through
natural ventilation is a crucial component of infection control. By opening the windows and
creating a backdraft of fresh air, you can achieve the same advantages in your house.
Today, it’s even more crucial because the majority of people spend most of their time
indoors, where the air quality can be up to five times worse than outside.

Exposure to natural light and fresh air boosts energy levels all day long and increases the
rate of physical activity, in addition to giving the pleasant sensation of sitting in natural
daylight. Even your metabolism may be enhanced, leading to a generally healthier lifestyle.
Also, the cholesterol in your skin starts to turn into vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight
for 15 minutes or more!

Proper daylighting can increase concentration and alertness, helping you stay focused on
the task at hand. Increased exposure to natural light increases short-term memory and
productivity, which is especially important to know if you work from home, and if you have
kids who do their homework in dark spaces.

Now that you know how important fresh air and sunlight are, you must consider these
pointers while constructing or buying a house. At TRU Realty, we approach housing as an
element of lifestyle and all our offerings cater to every minute aspect of the dwelling. We
hope that the learnings gained from this article will help you in zeroing down on the house
that is best for you.