Information Technology – Soul of the modern world

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.”
– Bill Gates

Who else could best sum up the intricate reality of information technology in the modern world better than one of the genius pioneers who best harnessed IT to create a revolution in the business world? Microsoft began with the mission of penetrating every household by bringing computers into personal lives and eventually entered the business space thereby becoming the soul of the office communication system. Similarly, many companies originating in the last century and the ones emerging in this one have drastically changed the way the world runs

Information technology, which emerged as a dubious newcomer in the 20th century has become the undeniable second nature of every company’s internal functioning. The journey from switching to heavy & bulky computers to turning a handheld device into a supermachine capable of doing wonders through a few clicks;it is unbelievable how rapidly information technology has seeped into the very fabric of daily lives. Can you imagine booking movie tickets without BookMyShow or maybe ride throughout the city in a SaaS-based cab service better than Ola or Uber? Could you imagine satiating your midnight cravings a decade ago in the absence of food delivery apps like Zomato? In times of uncertain economic scenarios, certain segments are breaking the public criticism screen and are attaining the level of the unsaid digital Gods. Be it any business, they need to adapt to the constantly changing scenario of IT-enabled services in order to make their relationship with their customers smoother. TRU Realty has banked on the massive possibilities that information technology has to offer and in the process has forever changed the way people view the real estate industry

We have harnessed IT in the best possible manner to ease the process of buying a property, navigating through our projects and communicating regular updates about project timelines. We value the time and efforts our customers put into buying a home or office from one of our projects. We feel duty-bound to make them feel heard and empathized with. This kind of a simple communication structure aided by information technology has led to building the immense trust & faith our buyers put in us. Not only do we cater to our customers with a technological approach but we have taken it a step further by migrating the very processes of team building, vendor selection and subcontracting online on our portal wherein we encourage a truly democratic environment resulting in the best outcomes, thereby positively affecting the end customer; all of this with a 100% heartfelt transparency. This kind of an ‘all in’ IT-derived sincere approach makes the whole team of TRU Realty downright humble & democratic to the core.

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 threat worldwide, businesses have shifted to a work-from-home model for the time being. In such instances, IT is the sole communication bridge to bring out a seamless functioning of a company. Moreover, real-time analysis of the situation of the active coronavirus cases globally is made possible by the widespread applications of information technology across domains. Let’s hope the beauty of information technology contributes immensely in battling the epidemic in unforeseen ways.