The word channel partner is prevalent mainly in real estate. Simply put, channel partners are valuable individuals and/or entities who strategically help the developer sell properties in exchange for a mutual financial agreement. They are crucial for every real estate company and hence they work in harmony with the developers, are consulted during every stage like one team and are paid handsomely on time every time they deliver.

Sounds pretty simple and appealing, right? But if you are a channel partner, you know that the above description is far from the truth. Let us explore how your world looks like if you are a channel partner working with multiple developers.

You feel humiliated because the sales team of the construction company keeps you in the dark about the real-time status of their present inventory and hence you end up losing some valuable sales possibilities. You are never brought into the picture in any stage of project development except for the sales & delivery part. Almost half your clientele is avoiding your calls and keeps giving you a later date for your payment clearance. Follow-ups regarding payment turn into desperate pleasing attempts focused on certain individuals, running a course of not days but weeks and months! Your personal and professional lives both are in turmoil because of the ever-increasing anxiety and uncertainty. So now you can certainly say goodbye to that family time you had planned for because you don’t know when your account will be credited with the rightful payment that you have been waiting forever now.

Channel partners are still seen as outsiders and this creates challenges for them on various levels. While nobody addresses these challenges in a systematic manner largely due to ignorance and negligence, we at TRU Realty have narrowed down these challenges to mainly three factors as follows.

  • Communication
  • Transparency
  • Payment Issues

Keeping in mind these challenges, we at TRU Realty came up with a solution truly suited for channel partners called TRU Pay. One platform that lets you see real-time updates about payment status along with support from our team at every stage. As soon as you have closed a deal and agreement formalities are completed, your TRU Pay wallet is credited with your commission. You have the freedom to withdraw these funds into your bank account at any time and with any denomination you like. TRU Pay is essentially a sort of escrow account. Whenever you need your payment withdrawn, you can securely log in and withdraw the funds directly without hassle. The payment system integration is at par with international security standards making the whole process of working with TRU Realty technology-driven, quick and automatic. TRU Pay is one of the various unique and innovative features of TRU portal. While working with us, you have your own login ID on the Portal. You can simply log in, check your customer status, interact with TRU representatives, block units as well as your funds, i.e., earned commission in the TRU wallet and do much more. You don’t have to follow up with anyone ever again for payment updates! How about finally being free for that long-pending family holiday time you have been postponing?! Get in touch with us to know more about TRU Pay.