Make your home kid-friendly

You have bought a plot and now you are working on its design. While you are still thinking on the configuration of rooms in your home, you are very sure to have a kid’s room as it holds a lot of importance in the overall design of your home.

Homes were an integral part of your childhood because you practically grew up surrounded by those familiar walls. It is imperative that you, as former kids, take into consideration the need to make your present or new homes kid-friendly, especially during the era of rapid urbanization.

Making your home kid-friendly is crucial to ensuring their safety and creating a cohesive environment for them to make priceless memories with you. However, assigning a particular room for the kids is the bare minimum and you must indulge in other significant modifications that necessitate some creativity.

It is equally important for non-parents to consider making their homes kid-friendly. More often than not, you’ll be hosting your friends and family who have kids. Wouldn’t you want to be that cool Uncle or Aunt whose place the kids love going to?

Here are a few suggestions that’ll guide you in your endeavor to make your home kid-friendly… No kidding!

• Opt for furniture that has rounded edges and comes with performance fabric to avoid wear and tear. Bean bags and cozy sofas are a win-win for both kids and adults.

• Kids love free space. Optimize your home with space-saving pieces that can also morph into a fortress!

• Rugs can be a great addition to create a soft and comfortable sitting space for their play or activity area.

• Kids can’t help but draw on the walls! Protect the walls with water-proof paint so that the lovely drawings, with a heavy heart, can be washed off!

• Create innovative spaces for the storage of toys.

• Experiment with the lighting in the play area and install creative kid-centric wall posters.

Truth be told, you don’t even have to break the bank to make this possible!