Plotted schemes:The best thing to invest in Pune

You are jostling amidst rush of work and a crunched-up living space. As the weekend approaches, you look forward to driving to some serene location with your family to have a relaxation period and you wish if you could live there along with having a great work-life balance. Sounds similar? Well, this has been the ardent aspiration for scores of home buyers since decades. All ideal spaces are occupied now and it seems like there is no major city left that gives you the perfect blend of culture, nature & world-class amenities.

Cut to Pune. You have your own independent home in a premium gated vill a community surrounded by lush natural surroundings. Morning jogs with in the premises by the lined trees on the hillside rejuvenate you for your day.You drive to your work in a matter of minutes and get back home just in time to have your evening tea and some good family time in your own pretty backside garden. Night outings to vibrant restaurants and walks along side the community roads undisturbed by traffic or crowds mark the perfect conclusion to your day. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, that is the kind of life you can manifest when you invest in awell-planned and ideally-located plotted scheme. Having a villa in your own plot is a good plan because of a multitude of reasons like privacy,independence, safety and a customised house design. Usually developers sell you a plot in their scheme and you have to get your villa built within a specific time-frame as per their terms & conditions whereas some developers give you the option to build your own home on your plot.

Kekarav, TRU Realty’s upcoming hillside gated villa community in Bavdhan,Pune boasts of a heavenly touch of nature amidst the modern gem of a culturally-driven city. We offer home-buyers the option to build their own house as per their preferences in line with the project’s environment-driven sustainable practices. Alternatively, you can choose from our catalogue of award-winning designs and then get it built with minor & major customisation with a personalised touch of marvelous architecture. With the aim of nature conservation, Kekarav has amenities like roads built from recycled materials, internal renewable energy source, rainwater harvesting and much more along with dedicated pockets for enticing trees where in enchanting birds take abode. Every villa plot has been meticulously placed within the property in such a way that your villa has a private uninterrupted view with trees providing the perfect green boundary between the villas

Good connectivity to work hubs, world-class facilities from every sector, rich cultural backdrop along with an appealing lifestyle makes Pune the best place to live in and nothing beats plotted schemes when it comes to building your primary home. Imagine your villa with its pleasant aura, top-class amenities, spacious impressive architecture, enthralling hillside surroundings& serene privacy in TRU Realty’s Kekarav. Now, that seems like the best investment decision you will ever make!